Museums and Galleries are built around their collections. Consequently, planning and designing efficient storage solutions merits considerable attention. Whether it is a science or art collection, you will need an experienced shelving designer to help facilitate the required storage solution to achieve a highly functional and user-friendly storage solution.

Mobile Shelving

Advantages of mobile shelving systems include:

  • Smooth operation
  • Easy expansion
  • Optimised content protection
  • Best possible space utilisation
  • Reliable and sturdy safekeeping for problem stock (powder coating is highly resistant to aggressive substances)
  • Use of Galvanised Steel base components

Less Floor Space for double the Storage Space

When space is limited, flexibility is essential, mobile storage systems make sure that all of the space in a museum is used to the maximum. Systems can be customised individually. One virtue that needs to be ensured is that systems run smoothly and with shock-free movement.

  • Big loads can be easily moved.
  • Mobile shelving doubles the available space. This system can also accommodate various storage boxes, ensuring that every inch of space is utilised efficiently.

Rod Dividers

Allow for clear separation of items on a shelf, creating tailored compartments or “pigeonholes” for organising tools and other materials.


Various heights, depths, and widths are available, complete with accessories to compartmentalise the internal space for art accessories.


Glass, hinged, and sliding doors all close and securely lock one or more bays, efficiently protecting valuable items from dust and unauthorised access, making them ideal for any artist.

Plan chest storage units

Large-format chests of drawers, usually designed to hold A0 or A1-sized documents, including drawings, are stored in flat, wide, and deep horizontal drawers. Plan chests can be mounted onto mobile bases or as a standalone unit.

Large and outsize formats store drawings storage

Objects that need to be stored horizontally, including flags, carpets, or fabrics, including drawings and maps, need to be stored properly with due care to store drawings safely.

Flat File cabinets are ideal for storing large and outsize formats.


  • Optimal dust protection.
  • Continuously variable drawer height.
  • Accessible from both sides.
  • Holds large and outsize formats.

Archiving Art Storage

Whether it is individual paintings or complete collections, art storage and archiving valuable items is always a significant challenge. This is precisely why the installation of art archives requires detailed know-how and complex competence.

When designing and sizing archiving systems for artwork, the building’s structure plays a crucial role in determining how well individual requirements can be met. The final system selection hinges on the archiving method and capacity, but ease of use remains the top priority.

Pull-out picture panels

There are different designs available:

  1. Panels running on floor rails.

Panels suspended from above – these panels are ideal for safely storing prints and other delicate artworks.

Mobile picture panels

Mobile picture panels guarantee the best possible use of the available space. The only aisle to be opened is the one in immediate use, so this system offers almost double the storage capacity of a stationary system.

More storage space without occupying more surface area. This system is perfect for efficiently organising various art materials.

Stationary picture panels

Stationary picture panels offer hanging space on either or both sides and are flexible in their dimensioning. They can also be wall-fixed to optimise any storage space. These panels are also suitable for storing paints and other art supplies.

Ready to Enhance Your Art Storage?

Choosing the proper storage solutions can significantly improve the preservation and organisation of your valuable collections. Don’t leave it to chance; consult with an experienced shelving designer to create the optimal storage system for your museum or gallery.

Contact us today to begin designing a highly functional and user-friendly storage solution tailored to your unique needs. Let’s make sure your art and artefacts are stored safely and efficiently!