Museum Storage & Archive Shelving Systems

FOREG® Museum and Gallery shelving systems – Our heritage properly safeguarded.

Valuable cultural property, heritage items and collections that reach back through the ages – they all need safe storage. FOREG® shelving systems help ensure their continued preservation. Longterm archiving is an important investment for science and research. It’s good to know that the shelves themselves are also guaranteed to have a long working life.

Archive Shelving at Technology Museum
Mobile Archive Shelving at a Technology Museum

Less floor space for double the storage – Maximize your space with a mobile shelving system

When space is limited, flexibility is essential. Forster mobile shelving systems make sure that all of the space in a museum is used to the maximum. Yet regardless of their customised individuality, FOREG® mobile shelving systems have one virtue in common: their impressively smooth and shockfree movement.

Intelligent extras for working collections.

The risk of mechanical damage, climatic dysfunction, pollution and similar harm is omnipresent in a museum’s collections. The flexible components of the system effectively reduce such risks
while substantially improving ease of use.

  • Height-adjustable shelves
  • Drawers
  • Doors

Large and oversized formats safely stored.

The FOREG® flat file cabinet is perfect for holding objects that need to be stored horizontally, including flags, carpets or fabrics of all types. It is also suitable for storing drawings and maps properly and with due care. Flat file cabinets are ideal for storing large and outsize formats. When effective dust protection is needed, the cabinet can be fitted with fabric blinds.

Picture panels – Maximum stability and space utilisation.

In designing and dimensioning archiving systems for artwork, the building itself defines the scope we have in meeting individual requirements to the best possible extent. The system ultimately to be chosen depends on the method and capacity of archiving, but ease of use is always our number one priority.

  • Pull-out picture panels
  • Mobile picture panels
  • Stationary picture panel