Health Care Shelving Systems

Health Care Shelving Systems Shelving And Storage For NHS, Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Surgeries And Nursing Homes

Foreg® Mobile and stationary health care shelving systems, shelving storage systems fitted with the International ISO 600mm x 400mm storage module and the HTM71 systems, save on space and improve the security of storing medical supplies, drugs or medical documents. The partitioning and holding systems are designed with a priority focus on practical usage and have for many years been in widespread use in extremely sensitive areas, from pharmacies to surgeries, laboratories and hospitals.

FOREG Healthcare Shelving System in a Pharmacy
Closeup Photo of a Healthcare Shelving Unit

FOREG® M│E│D – What can be stored?

FOREG® health care shelving systems will hold a wide variety of materials and goods. Combined with storage modules in HTM71 and ISO format, the FOREG® M│E│D shelving system is ideal for systematically and neatly storing medi­cal supplies such as pharmaceutical products or dressings as well as liquid containers such as infu­sion bottles whilst maximizing your storage space. Moreover, the extensive choice of accessories makes it easy to stock medical documents: filing cradles, dividers and pull-out shelves are among the many options available to provide high-quality archiving solutions for your patient files.

Health Care Shelving Systems; Accessories – ISO-format modules

The modules to store medical consumables are designed in the 600 x 400 mm ISO format and available in two versions: open and closed.


  • Variable heights (50, 100, 200 mm).
  • Material: ABS, PC transparent or as mesh basket.
  • Partitionings to fit articles for storage.
  • Labelling systems available.
ISO Module healthcare shelving system boxes